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Amazon (AWS)

From developing a solution to delivering a world-class service, CloudTech Integrators is your full-service Cloud IT solutions provider. CloudTech Integrators, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, is a cloud-native firm with deep experience supporting enterprise IT infrastructures and applications. Our key differentiator is our experience in implementing complex and highly scalable architectures which support secure, compliant operations in highly regulated industries such as the Financial Services, Telecommunication, Travel, Education, and Public Sector verticals.

CloudTech Integrators can ensure that your cloud-based applications are running securely and determine if your cloud resources are being optimally utilized. We have  the resources to migrate you to the cloud (IaaS), and we ensure that your enterprise applications in the cloud will meet your security and compliance expectations and requirements.

AWS Cloud Consulting

Our goal is to ensure your success on AWS. We help you navigate the complete Amazon Web Services suite of powerful cloud infrastructure services and guide your cloud strategy for getting the most out of AWS. We work closely with AWS to provide appropriate solutions for our customer’s individual needs allowing us to enable clients with the best AWS environment for growth and sustainability.

Architecture Design

Design & Architecture related to Amazon Cloud (AWS) circled around Cloud Strategy, Assessment, Cloud Migration, & Implementation.  High availability engineering, infrastructure design, scalability engineering, infrastructure audit, best practices implementation, security audit and remediation. Our focus is on providing seamless migration services to our customers with quality you deserve!  

Managed Cloud Services

For our client’s who need ongoing managed support, CloudTech Integrators offers several tiers of skilled managed services that enable you to focus on your core business while we oversee the day-to-day management of your cloud infrastructure to include secure, compliant managed services framework providing dashboard, proactive monitoring, automation, and control of cloud infrastructure.  

Application and Infrastructure Migration

We believe in the philosophy of providing more than a “lift and shift” migrations. Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is more than mapping over identical services. We tailor each architecture and map to most appropriate AWS services. CloudTech Integrators can can help you achieve the full benefit of cloud including scalability, high availability, and automation.

DevOps and Automation

CloudTech Integrators is a AWS Partner providing a set of flexible services designed to enable you to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices. Using powerful tools, we will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure from server provisioning and configuration management to application deployment and continuous integration / continuous delivery.

Application Development

Cloud application development services for web and mobile applications. We will build your new cloud application and update your legacy applications to be cloud-ready in preparation for migration to AWS. We also develop entire end-to-end self service applications that integrate with AWS and can be immediately used by sales, marketing and other groups in your company improving reach and monetization.